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Cine K Korbach

The Cine K in Korbach opened its doors in October 2018. The two large halls are illuminated with NuvoTunnel luminaires, which are covered with black translucent effect material. Their mysterious-seeming inner life can create a variety of atmosphere, matching the film. Pulsating LEDs, indirect light and a luminaire that is almost invisible in the wall when the room is dark, give the halls a great ambience.
In the three smaller halls, decorative luminaires are used on the walls, which are seamlessly integrated into the lighting control via DALI bus. Colored RGB stage lights complete the lighting concept.
The entire foyer is also connected to the Nuvolight control system with numerous LED strips, ceiling lights and downlights. Despite its variety, it is controlled with only two push-buttons for daytime and evening use.
Thanks to the intuitive NuvoTouch iPad app, operators can create their own moods at any time and edit existing ones.

Lighting design: Böttger Lichtconcepte

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