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Ihle Bakers Augsburg

The new restaurant Ihle Bakers in Augsburg is illuminated with more than 250 luminaires, all controlled by the Nuvolight control system. This ensures, that the right lighting scene is set at any time of the day and that every table is illuminated the right way. More than 200 luminaires are accessed via the DALI bus and thereby can be dimmed individually while the remaining lamps are switched on and off with relays. Additionaly, a 30m LED strip using wireless Nuvolight controllers sets a nice color to the scene, which can be used to be set to the colors of the Ihle Bakers brand logo.
With the NuvoTouch smartphone- and iPad app, individual lighting scenes can be set. Those are also mapped to common light switches, easily accessible for the staff. So, with the NuvoTouch app the lighting can be controlled in a very specific way, while the most important scenes are quickly accessible via conventional light switches.

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