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Alpenfilmtheater Füssen

At the Alpenfilmtheater Füssen, their largest hall has been renovated with Nuvolight illumination. The luminaire "NuvoTunnel" offers a variety of dynamic lighting effects. LED effect pixels inside the luminaire and colored LED strips on the outside allow chases, snowflakes, rainbows or thunderstorm effects in rich contrasting colors. Thanks to the dark tinted cover of the NuvoTunnel light, the dark-colored hall is a pure black box during the performance. Through the use of powerful Nuvolight downlights of the OmniFit type, the screen curtain is set to match the hall lighting.
The control of the entire hall is done via the intuitive NuvoTouch app. The app allows the creation of new lighting moods - for example for special events or new films. Similarly, at the entrances to the halls, there are buttons hidden in the wall that turn the room completely bright or dark as illumination for the cleaning staff.

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