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The CINEMA film theater in Munich has been an integral part of the Munich cinema landscape for decades. With only one auditorium and films in the original version, a quality-conscious target group is addressed, who also attaches importance to the latest cinema technology. A light show synchronized with the Dolby Atmos trailer was also implemented for the entire hall lighting, which effectively supports the audio-visual screen experience of the trailer in the ambient lighting.
A special feature of the new lighting concept is the total of 56 ring-shaped lights, which are made to measure and line the existing ventilation holes in the side walls. Each ring can be controlled separately in terms of color and brightness, which means that a pixel matrix can be implemented. The walls can thus depict a wide variety of patterns and effects such as gentle pulsing, color changes, sparkles, waves, running lights, and much more.
With four moving head stage lights, numerous colored warm white downlights and a number of LED strips, a wide range of basic lighting is created that makes the hall adaptable to the most varied of genres and film-specific.
Thanks to the intuitive NuvoTouch iPad app, operators can create their own moods at any time and edit the existing ones.
The exterior lighting was also implemented by Nuvolight with weatherproof RGBW spotlights that match the facade stage the film shown in the evening.

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