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JAC Attendorn

The JAC Attendorn relies on the Nuvolight control system in all five halls. Each hall has its own theme, which is expressed through the furnishings and reflected in the lighting.
In addition to the diverse hall lighting, Nuvolight staircase lighting has also been realized and configured in such a way that the best possible darkness prevails during the film, while always maintaining the prescribed minimum brightness.
The control of the complete multiplex cinema is done via the intuitive NuvoTouch app. The app allows the creation of new lighting moods - for example for special events or new films. At the entrance of each hall, there is a button hidden in the wall that turn the room completely bright or dark for the cleaning staff.
Thanks to the Nuvolight time control, there are also other automated processes in the cinema, such as the automatic switching on and off of the electrical appliances at the sales counter and a small traffic light system for the status display of some devices for the sales staff

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