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Luminaire New York

Our established system luminaire New York is able to set your cinema hall in any desired lighting atmosphere. Due to LED technology, the color is freely adjustable, as well as the intensity can be continuously dimmed. The special Plexiglas front is framed with aluminum and provides pleasantly uniform light distribution.
The luminaire also contains side emitting LEDs, which are continuously dimmable, regardless of the front LEDs. By creating a warm-white backlight, the luminaire is emphasized elegantly.
The New York model is provided with a real wood veneer surface and is produced in high quality German workmanship.

Article-Nr.: 110202

  • RGB front panel
  • Warm white side LED stripe
  • Smooth dimming curve from 0% to 100%
Technische Daten
Dimensions XS: 390mm X 390mm
S: 690mm X 390mm
M: 690mm X 690mm
L: 390mm X 1290mm
Control DMX Bus
Power XS: 19W (Front), 25W (Indirect)
S: 26W (Front), 31W (Indirect)
M: 52W (Front), 40W (Indirect)
L: 55W (Front), 48W (Indirect)