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Luminaire Alexandria

The system luminaire Alexandria impressively shows your movie hall in its full height. The round Plexiglas front is lighted from the inside, which creates an atmospheric colored illumination. The elongated shape of the luminaire is continued by the light cones from warm white spots inside of the upper and lower wooden sockets of the luminaire. Due to the independent adjustability of color and brightness, various possibilities of light design are obtained. As with all Nuvolight luminaires, the Alexandria model is manufactured in German workmanship, using only top quality materials.

Article-Nr.: 110204

Projects with this product

  • RGB front panel
  • Warm white LED spots
  • Smooth dimming curve from 0% to 100%
Technische Daten
Dimensions 240mm X 1400mm
Control DMX Bus
Power 90W (Front), 2 x 9W (Spots)