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Luminaire Tenda

Round shapes hidden under black fabric make this luminaire a unique and exceptional object. With the illumination turned off only the black fabric cover is visible, hiding the luminaire in a decent and subtle way. As soon as the integrated LEDs are turned on, the inner life of the luminaire is revealed. The two-coloured illumination creates an extraordinary ambience which is intensi ed through the warm-white backlight. Offer your guests something special by surprising them with an innovative and magical illumination in your cinema hall!

Article-Nr.: 110205

Projects with this product

  • RGB LED light bulbs
  • Warm white side LED stripe
  • Smooth dimming curve from 0% to 100%
  • Tenda is nearly invisible in movie mode
Technical Details
Size 600mm X 1400mm
Control DMX Bus
Wattage 52W (Front), 40W (Indirect)