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Luminaire Seattle

This luminaire is characterized by a clever combination of angular and round shapes, providing that certain something for your movie theater.
As with the New York model, it is the selection of top quality materials and illuminants, which make the luminaire an outstanding product.
The luminaire provides colored LEDs on the inner side as well as a warm white backlight. Both can be independently set in color and intensity, which provides various options for creative room light design.
A special feature of the Seattle model is the indirect lighting of the room, which guarantees a glare-free, harmonious ambience, especially designed for movie theaters.

Article-Nr.: 110203

Projects with this product

  • Indirect RGB illumination
  • Warm white side LED stripe
  • Smooth dimming curve from 0% to 100%
Technical Details
Size 390mm X 1400mm
Control DMX Bus
Wattage 52W (Front), 48W (Indirect)
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